Financial Control Audit focuses on accounting, recording, and reporting of financial transactions, as well as reviewing the adequacy of internal financial controls. Financial Audit also emphasizes analysis of financial performance of a business. It aids management in its decision-making process by providing right kind of information through analyzing variability in profitability of business, unusual increase in cost, unexpected fall in Revenue, etc. Financial Control Audit helps to ensure optimum utilization of resources available within the organization.

The Financial Control Audit is different from the Financial Statement Audit. Some of the difference are as below:

Financial Statement Audit Financial Control Audit
It is examination of entity’s financial statements and accompanying disclosures by an independent auditor. It is assessment of financial controls as they relate to Management reporting.
Auditor expresses an opinion on the state of affairs of the company. Auditor identifies the gaps in the controls and recommends the solution to bridge the gaps.
Financial Statement Audit is done at the end of the year after finalization of books of accounts. Financial control audit is done monthly or quarterly as decided by the Management.
Financial statement audit is done by external auditors. Financial/ control audit is performed by the internal auditor.

What is Covered in Financial Control Audit?

The key accounting and financial issues addressed under financial control audit are:

  • To check whether the accounting transactions have actually occurred
  • To check for the completeness and accuracy of the accounted transactions
  • To see whether cost control measures or cost reduction policies are in place
  • To verify whether proper classification of transactions as per the standards and policies are made
  • To check whether the transactions are authorized as per defined matrix
  • To ensure that the Revenue Recognition is as per IFRS/ Accounting Standards and defined policies
  • To validate the overall gross profit margin and product wise profitability analysis
  • Customer credit policy with individual receivable ageing including credit limit
  • Comparing Actuals vs Budget to identify the variations
  • Identifying controllable and non-controllable expenses including BEP analysis
  • To check whether pricing decisions are taken properly by absorbing the relevant overheads
  • Identifying the cost component which can be minimized by finding the best alternative solution

How Financial Control Audit Will Benefit the User Organization?

  • The effective controls over financial reporting will help the management to safeguard the company’s resources against the loss due to fraud, error, misuse, mismanagement or any other irregularities.
  • It will help the Management in planning for the risk mitigating strategies, cost reduction measures and financial analysis.
  • Discussion on financial performance of the business on monthly or quarterly basis (as required by the Management) to support the Management in its strategic business planning.
  • This can benefit the organization minimizing the risk of fraud or any other account irregularities.

The Financial Control Audit is generally effective in identifying and mitigating the risk that the departmental financial statements may be materially misstated. Improvements will be provided proactively to involve Management through effective communication & also to ensure they understand the risk involved.

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